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Huaian Hyperion pharmaceutical R&D Co.,Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative chemistry products and services throughout the pharmaceutical R&D and commercial production. Our key products include indole, spirocyclic, bridge, pyridine, pyrimidine and quinolone, boronic acid and other heterocyclic compounds, chiral compounds. Dominant reactions include Fridel-Crafts, oxidation, reduction, addition, condensation, nitration, Grignard, palladium-catalyzed coupling and chiral compounds synthesis and separation etc. Besudes, custom synthesisand manufacturing of key intermediates are our core business.

Our R&D and Production Center located in Huaian, Jiangsu, China, we work hard to ensure responsiveness, high quality, and reliable services to our customers in UK, USA and india. The Facility is staffed by highly educated bilingual chemists. Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service and the lowest cost outsourced manufacturing advantage.

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